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Mark II

Industrial Design, UX Design

What a mother wants, what a baby needs. Maclaren products are created with a simple objective: built with the highest standards of safety and innovation. Owen Maclaren’s 1965 design for a collapsible baby buggy was the start of Britain’s most famous line of umbrella strollers. Since that time, the company’s products have helped transform the lives of mothers and babies offering safety, quality, and portability.

Maclaren came to Gyre9 during the development of a cutting edge, lightweight buggy. Maclaren’s designers were looking for a new grip design that would further differentiate the look of the product while providing a sense of comfort and security. The selection of the grip material was key in producing a tactile feel unlike any stroller on the market. It was also paramount that the grip was light in weight and conveyed the design language of the buggy’s frame.

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