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Juicebar Gen 3

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing

Paul Vosper and Jeff Mayer took over Oasis in 2018 and immediately invested heavily in new product development. They brought Gyre9 in, initially, to help on some development areas for their Generation 3 level 2 EV charging unit. Since that time Gyre9 has acted in a number of capacities for the Oasis team.
We have been responsible for engineering and manufacturing of the Gen 3 product line. We are also their design and engineering partner for a number of other products they will be bringing to market.

Gyre9 was tasked to engineer and help add additional design features to the Gen 3 Juicebar. We designed and developed unique features such as a retractable cord storage system, an internal electrical module, and other systems to make this product the best in class in the market. It is the only charger designed, engineered and produced in America; right here in Connecticut. Our manufacturing arm is producing hundreds of units for installation all over the country.

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