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Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering

A family owned business for 23+ years. Excel revolutionized the industry in 2001 with the patented technology for the XLERATOR – the world’s first high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer. Since then they have been the leader in the hand dryer industry. Excel hand dryers are made right here in the United States.

Gyre9 was tasked to transfer the XLERATOR technology from the wall unit into an in sink system. Our designers and engineers developed the on deck air spout to have a unique design that maximizes the airflow with little to no noise. The under sink unit was engineered with low volume clean air flow that utilizes HEPA filter technology. By bringing the hand drying technology to the sink helps air and restroom surface quality. This helps Excel stay ahead of the competition and continue to be an industry leader.

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