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Aromatherapy Pendant Necklace

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering

Cor was founded by Coreena who believes that aromatherapy should fit easefully into modern life. She has a passion for essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy. With the love of modern design and a lifestyle to match, Coreena created Cor with the intension of offering busy, modern women a beautifully designed pendant that held the balancing power of essential oils.

Define and develop a simple, elegant form and innovative delivery system for a new, fine jewelry pendant that would deliver aromatherapy benefits as desired throughout the day.

The Cor Pendant has been featured in a number of independent blogs, reviews and forums including a piece written by Anna Maltby of Refinery29, “Would you like to Experience My Aromatherapy Necklace” and a spot in Cosmopolitan’s list of “30 Ways to Feel Calmer Every Day this Month” .

“I was so obsessed, in fact, that I could not stop myself from talking about it — and demonstrating it — to anyone who would cooperate. And even those who wouldn’t.”

– Anna Maltby at

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