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Chevalier Collection

Aerating Wine Glass

Industrial Design, Package Design, Research

There are products on the market that that serve the aerating function as a third party. They allow you to aerate your wine by holding an object between the bottle and the glass as you make your pour, leaving a drippy mess behind. Chevalier Collection’s concept provides the same significant function that is sure to enhance your wine drinking experience – only without the mess.

Sometimes a great idea just needs little scientific analysis and some down and dirty R&D to get it off the ground. How can a wine glass aerate its own content? This project challenged the extreme ends of Gyre9’s team – a true blending of art and science… followed by an ‘and how do you make that?’ Yes, we had to figure that out too. Once samples were prepared a grueling test regiment was was a necessary task. Let’s just say it was tested very thoroughly.

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