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Mechanical Engineering, Softgoods Construction, UI Design

acouStaCorp is the manufacturer and designer of Variable Acoustic products which design professionals can use as tools to address spaces that have multiple and conflicting acoustical requirements. Established in 2009, acouStaCorp has quickly become the leader of variable acoustic products that alter the acoustics of both public and private performance spaces.

Develop a system for to allow for customized mass production. The construction of acouStaCorp’s original concept made for a difficult, time consuming and labor intensive process; it was unproducible at scale. Gyre9 proposed and engineered a system of custom components that allowed for modular construction. The fabric panels could be produced and inventoried in continuous length then cut to the length required of each installation. A custom extrusion captures the a hemmed edges of two fabric panels. To achieve proper acoustics, the panels are held apart by plastic brackets of varying widths that snap into the extrusion.

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