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Marmur Metamorphosis


Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, UX Design, Manufacturing, UI Design

Dr. Ellen Marmur, a dermatologic surgeon for 15 years opened her own practice in 2012. At that point she began an unexpected journey into entrepreneurship. Dr. Marmur had a vision to re-imagine the skin care industry. In her travels around the world, she observed how plants would adapt to their environments. Between the changing of light, temperature, and humidity these factors all affected the way organisms survive. The idea is that our skin acts in the same manner. We absorb everything, good or bad, and this affects the health our skin tremendously.

This encouraged Dr. Marmur to create a skin care treatment under the MMSkincare name. Ultimately, this led Dr. Marmur down a path to enhance her skin care products utilizing light therapy technology.

Gyre9 was tasked to design and develop a product that would enhance Dr. Marmur’s skin care treatment masks. Gyre9’s engineers began by utilizing Dr. Marmur’s experience and researching years of scientific and dermatologist findings. This helped our team determine the correct balance between color and illumination strength to produce the best light therapy treatment.

In the meantime, our designers began conceptualizing product designs that can uniquely and effectively deliver the best possible results.

By placing the handheld feature behind the light source, it helped reduce any interruptions in the Halo design thus resulting in maximum exposure.

Keeping the product design and development local was important to Dr. Marmur. Having it manufactured locally was a must. In the end, we seamlessly transitioned the production efforts to our in house Manufacturing Facility.

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