When planning the space our goal was to create an environment that would:

  • keep the team inspired and connected to the natural world
  • be right sized, efficient, and is reasonably sustainable
  • be in close proximity to where Wendy and I live
  • be comfortable, warm and foster creativity

We felt a timber frame was the most sustainable approach for a new structure since most well constructed old barns are not scrapped, but disassembled and reused. We took down the minimum amount of trees on the property to allow for the building. The design and construction of the building became a community effort. Andy Peklo, a local Woodbury architect, and designer of furniture and joinery, helped us create a space that matched our home (a 200 year old converted timber frame barn). Pete Mitchell, a resident of Oxford and friend of Andy’s, was our general contractor. The design staff spent many late nights and weekends painting, sanding, and hammering to make it a comfortable place that would continue to inspire. We used recycled construction materials as much as possible. Most of the windows came from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. Most of the light fixtures were also recycled. We affectionately call our place the “Ebarn” as so many components and fixtures were bought second hand from Ebay and classified ads. We also designed and fabricated many of the details in the building. It has been a labor of love…..from the lighting system, to the highly efficient radiant heating system, to small details like our “found object” ceiling fan. The building will continue to be a work in progress, but we are confident that it will be used and loved for many generations to come.

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