Maclaren Rolls-out the MARK II

Maclaren, world-renowned producer of baby strollers, used the original design brief from its very first buggy as inspiration for its next

generation stroller, the Mark II. With modern materials and engineering, they created the lightest full-featured buggy on the market.

To tackle this feat, Maclaren needed some design and engineering creativity to elevate the user experience and aesthetics. Gyre9 was called in to help! Our team designed a simple but powerful wheel that is not only visually appealing, but by incorporating closed-cell rubber technology, provides the soft ride of a pneumatic tire without the maintenance.

Gyre9 was also tasked with modernizing the grips to compliment the Mark II’s distinctive frame and to give the user a whole new handle on the buggy’s performance. In an industry first, we designed the grips to be built with super soft and lightweight closed-cell foam. They are not only antimicrobial, but also nine times more durable than ordinary grips.

To learn more about this project and others with Maclaren please visit our portfolio

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