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Kenyon Wins a DAME

Gyre9 is proud and excited to announce Kenyon’s win of the DAME award for their SilKEN2 Induction Cooktop at the 2014 Marine Equipment Trade Show [METS] in Amsterdam. According to the design competition’s jurors “Kenyon has brought a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing touch control induction cooktop into the marine world”. Special praise was given to […]

I’m coming home, I’m coming home… tell the world I’m coming home.

More and more US companies are performing cost-benefit analysis of overseas vs. domestic manufacturing. Experts agree that reshoring is a growing trend, but there is no single justification. Many factors are influencing companies to reevaluate their supply chain and understand the true cost of outsourcing. Agility, high operational costs such as labor, and quality management […]

Morning Edition Features ReadyDock

Leading the battle on hospital-associated infection, ReadyDock offers health institutions a system for disinfecting handheld technology that has become ubiquitous in patient care. Tablet computers are now at every doctor’s finger tips. And also on those finger tips lurks bacteria that can more easily be spread from patient to caregiver to patient via these devices. […]