The Green Revolution

Watt a ride!


The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution connects health + energy + environment by turning human effort within a health club into usable energy. The Green Revolution is a new patent-pending invention that converts human effort generated during aerobic activity into clean, renewable energy. The Green Revolution uniquely delivers solutions that improve the environment while promoting health through fitness.

Our Task

The Green Revolution and GYRE9 is a match made in heaven: we were charged to produce a solution for recovering the normally wasted energy from an exercise bike and funneling it back to the grid. The Green Revolution generator replaces the normal friction resistance mechanism with a motor that when run in reverse produces electricity. Some of the challenges thrown at the GYRE9 team: making the system chassis compatible with as many as 6 unique spin bike geometries already in use a gyms across the country.

Skills Involved

  • User Interface
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturing