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Since 2006 Gyre9 has assisted companies ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500’s to develop breakthrough technology,  products and systems.

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A Range of Industry Experience


Gyre9 leverages over 30 years of durable medical equipment design and manufacturing experience. Our team of electro-mechanical engineers and designers are fluent in the regulatory requirements, sensitive to the unique needs of patients and the rigors of the rental equipment market.


We take a thoughtful approach to develop comprehensive and innovative products that delight and exceed the wants and needs of consumers. Developing and prototyping the electronics and mechanisms of feature rich products is our core competency.


Managing the Cost of Goods (COGs) of high value / low volume industrial equipment takes a specific discipline. Individual component prices can make or break a project. We spend time working closely with our industrial equipment clients to understand the realities of production constraints prior to design.

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