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GYRE9 is a product development company focused on the design and engineering of complete market ready solutions. Experienced in a range of industries from consumer to durable medical equipment (DME), our skilled team of Industrial Designers, Mechanical, & Electrical Engineers are equipped to manage the process from inception through sourcing and production.



Veto Pro Pac
Veto ships Tech Pac

    Every tradesman needs a tool bag; a bag that fits their needs, a bag that’s tough, a bag that just works. Veto Pro Pac, a maker of high-end tool bags from Norwalk, CT, operates under that philosophy and offers a lineup of bags that meets the needs of just about every tradesman out [...] More...

Latest Work

Zildjian delivers the sound

Zildjian’s Gen16 products introduced acoustic-electric percussion to the industry, giving professionals and amateur drummers alike, a superior set of technology and tools.  This new take on electronic cymbals was received with great enthusiasm by the music community. But like all ground-breaking products Zildjian quickly identified opportunities to further improve upon the Gen16 technology. GYRE9 was [...] More...