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GYRE9 is a product development company focused on the design and engineering of complete market ready solutions. Experienced in a range of industries from consumer to durable medical equipment (DME), our skilled team of Industrial Designers, Mechanical, & Electrical Engineers are equipped to manage the process from inception through sourcing and production.



In response to Tesla’s patent release, on the benefits of market validation

written by Andrew Krystinik Having previously worked for Brammo, INC., I take a particular interest in the developments in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. Tesla, a major player in the four-wheeled market, released all competitors to use their technology in good faith.  Historically this would have been viewed as commercial suicide, however Tesla is in [...] More...

Latest Work

Zildjian delivers the sound

Zildjian’s Gen16 products introduced acoustic-electric percussion to the industry, giving professionals and amateur drummers alike, a superior set of technology and tools.  This new take on electronic cymbals was received with great enthusiasm by the music community. But like all ground-breaking products Zildjian quickly identified opportunities to further improve upon the Gen16 technology. GYRE9 was [...] More...